Biglia toujours convoité

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Annoncé tout proche de Norwich dans les dernières heures du mercato, Lucas Biglia est finalement resté à Anderlecht. En effet, la formation anglaise a finalement opté Tettey.

Néanmoins, le milieu argentin de 26 ans reste très convoité et notamment par Arsenal qui pourrait faire une offre en janvier, comme le rapporte Itasportpress.

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  1. I think the local seleccif3n is a llitte pointless too, john, but in fairness no-one ever pretended these players were going to form any significant part of the squad. The idea is to take the side around the country, give fans in the provinces a chance to see some of the Primera favourites, and yes sell out a few stadia and make some money as well. It’s an exercise in revenue, with the useful side effect that players like Erik Lamela get a chance to experience early on what it’s like to represent their country without necessarily getting the same pressure piled on them right from the off as if they were called up along with the big boys for a proper match (that, of course, is pushed as the main reason for it).As I say, I agree it’s a stupid exercise. But I don’t think there’s any need to feel too much sympathy to the players who didn’t get to the Copa after being involved with the home-based setup. I can’t imagine any of them were expecting a call-up.

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