Barça : Afellay fixé dans la semaine

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Courtisé par Lille, l’Inter Milan et la Lazio Rome, le milieu de terrain Ibrahim Afellay devrait en savoir plus cette semaine sur son avenir. En effet selon Mundo Depotivo, ce dernier doit rencontrer son entraîneur dans les jours qui viennent pour évoquer son avenir. Côté indemnité de transfert, l’international néerlandais serait estimé à 10 millions d’euros.

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  1. when we gave an effort , cos’ we ralely played on economy yesterday, something that was also illustrated by Xavi trying a few turns looking for someone to pass and just having to play it back cos’ he had no movement in front of him. Messi for example was particularly shy when it came to pressing, but thanks god for his goal, don’t know where we would have gone without it, and he truely made it out of nothing.Affelay showed some good things, and yes he can certainly bring us something different, it was nice to see him on the wing, brought back memories of Giuly, but I’m not sure our way of playing can accommodate a pure winger. Needs to be better than he was yesterday, but in a poor team performance, he was one of the better individuals I thought. Some other were pretty poor. Keita had one typical of him performance: he is a good support player, but you can’t ask him to make something happen if the team is struggling. Pinto I already mentioned, Adriano didn’t impress me much, but the two who ralely had nightmares of games were Milito and Bojan.Milito had a terrible terrible first half, very low on confidence, misplaced a lot of passes, even had once to ridiculously turn back to pass to Pinto so unsure of himself he was after a few misses, and, if not the only culprit, his responsibilty is engaged on all three goals. Terrible performance, can be excused for a lack of recent action, but will have to be far better than that.As for Bojan, I don’t know what we can still hope for the kid. At the moment, he just has absolutely no impact on the game. He looks elegant with the ball and that sums his total contribution, I just so much would like him to make anything that bears fruits for the team Finally, was an interesting trick from Guardiola in the last ten minutes to go for a 3-5-2, doubt it would have worked with these players, but it can be an interesting option!

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