Giroud dans le viseur de Newcastle

Auteur d’une superbe première partie de saison avec Montpellier, l’attaquant Olivier Giroud est actuellement sur un nuage. Ses belles prestations lui valent aujourd’hui d’être courtisé. L’international tricolore serait fortement courtisé par Newcastle en vue de la saison prochaine.

Les Magpies seraient trés intéressés par le buteur du club héraultais. Ces derniers seraient même prêt à mettre 12 millions d’euros sur la table pour boucler le dossier.

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  1. hello, i always read poelpe saying they have watched a guy play. but that usually means seen some highlights on youtube. i really do watch a lot of french football and i would play giroud ahead of benzema for the french team. 40m is a huge price i know and it is probably to high. he is 25 but was a late comer to the game really, but a good season in france is not enough to charge that much. but what i will say is its funny that the toon is after him because he is the nearest thing to shearer i have seen since he retired. really stong, unbelivable finnisher. more acrobatic than shearer. he is unreal in the air. really competative and a leader. he would fit in well at arsenal i think. and even though many would disagree citing such things as well he can not play on the wing like a podoski. i would say podoski can not play as a center forward like this guy. this guy is the business and along with m’villa, hazard, martin, and my big tip jorden ayew (better than his brother) the best thing in france. (think 25m is a fair price in my mind for giroud.)

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